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Private Lessons with Vicente J

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 5+),   Guitar (ages 5+),   Ukulele (ages 4+),   Bass (ages 5+),   Music Production (ages 5+),   General Private (ages 4+)

Vicente J

Vicente has been teaching music  for over 8 years, helping students of all ages and levels on their musical journeys. He specialize in teaching guitar at all levels – from beginners to intermediate and advanced players. For bass, beginners. For ukulele, beginners and intermediate players. Additionally, for piano he teaches  beginners and early intermediate learners.

Vicente earned a bachelor's degree in music production. This has allowed him to engage in recording and performing with local artists, providing him with valuable insights and practical experience in the music industry.

Vicente's  teaching style balances structure and creativity to offer a well-rounded musical education. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, he adjusts his approach to suit your unique needs, ensuring an enjoyable and successful musical journey.

As Vicente says: If you're a parent looking for the right teacher for your child or an aspiring musician ready to explore the world of music, I'm here to guide you.

Now thru - Jun 22nd, 2024

Saturday at Bloor West Music Studios